Painting is like music. Each color is a note that vibrates different emotional strings.

Colors, textures, movements and emotions are the basic ingredients of Chantal Proulx’s plastic works. Her abstract and semi-abstract works come to life with a clever blend of intuition and reflection.

Her work has been collected across Canada, United States, Australia and various European countries.

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Each painting is in fact a small piece of my soul, a page from my diary that I agree to share.



Visite au jardin botanique

This is my forth art piece by Chantal and I love them all. They bring color and life to my home and are joyous to look at everyday. I believe art should make you happy and feel inspired – Chantal’s pieces are wonderful additions to anyone’s art collection!

Ciara (Artfinder)

Fin septembre

Beautiful artwork. Chantal was very communicative and great to work with.

Allison (Artfinder)

Sommeil paradoxal

I previously purchased a painting from Ms. Proulx and was so pleased with it I bought 2 more. Again, her paintings shipped quickly and arrived expertly packaged with several layers of protection.

Lisa (Artfinder)

Dans les bois

The painting is just beautiful, we are very happy with the purchase and experience. Our painting was shipped and arrived quickly, securely packaged. Thank you!

Maria (Etsy)

Un matin de juillet

Beautiful painting. Chantal immediately contacted me regarding my order and she immediately began the shipping process. I received the painting today- just 3 days after I ordered the painting. It was perfectly packaged for shipping and arrived with no damage. We are very happy with our purchase and the entire process!

Michael (Artfinder)

Penser autrement

Penser Autrement provides me more joy than I could have hoped for. I literally swell with joy when I stop to appreciate it. Please convey my deepest thanks to the artist.

A collector (Singulart)

Écoutez le vent

Love the colour and brightness the painting brings to my home.

A collector (Singulart)

Jardin givré

It was like a birthday and Christmas together when my first picture arrived. It is beautiful and is already hanging in a special place. I am simply thrilled! For me it is relaxing to look at works of art. Thank you very much for the nice care.

A collector (Singulart)

Un peu d’air frais

I bought 2 in this series. Love them. Finished nicely so they are ready to hang. Excellent packing job as well. Merci Chantal.

Laurie (Etsy)

Ms. Proulx shipped quickly and the large painting was expertly packaged. It took 20 minutes to remove all of the carefully added protective layers. The painting arrived in perfect condition. The painting is even better than the photo depicted. I am looking forward to hanging it in my new house. I highly recommend Ms. Proulx. The experience was 10/10.

Lisa (Artfinder)