Inspired by Nature’s beauty

All my artworks start as chaos where the subconscious takes over the conscious.

Colors, textures, movements and emotions are the basic ingredients of my artworks. My abstract and semi-abstract works come to life with a clever blend of intuition and reflection. They are found in private collections in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


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Just what is abstract art?

Over the centuries, there have been many trends in pictorial art. Just think of Egyptian art, which rigidly depicted deities and pharaohs, or Romanticism which emphasized the expression of emotions, the individual and nature, or Impressionism, which tried to capture the light and atmosphere of outdoor scenes. Abstract art emerged in the early 20th century with painters…

A print, why not?

A print, why not? Original, unique and authentic works of art are always appreciated by collectors. However, they are often expensive and not accessible to all budgets. This is where high-quality prints come in. These reproductions may be limited, i.e. they are printed in limited quantities. They are usually accompanied by a certificate of authenticity…


I will show you the steps that led to the creation of the artwork titled Arizona . Step 1 I start by drawing random lines with watercolor crayons. Step 2 The firt colour is usually a dark one. Here, it’s a sepia. Step 3 I add spots of color that set the tone for the…

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