Abstract landscape

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Are you interested in abstract art, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to move from the figurative to the abstract?

Then this course could be for you.

This course is divided into 5 units. Each unit includes several lessons with videos, exercises and documentation.

  1. Basics of composition
  2. Colors
  3. Marks and the abstract representation of objects
  4. Taking inspiration from a photo to create an abstract landscape
  5. Total abstraction

You’ll also get:

  • two bonus capsules
  • unlimited access to the course
  • a private Facebook group to share your creations and exchange ideas
  • progress at your own pace
  • a zoom meeting

This course is for you if :

  • you don’t paint at all, but would like to get started
  • you already paint, but are only satisfied with one work out of 10, without knowing why
  • you’d like to acquire a few notions, such as the rules of composition, color harmony and object abstraction
  • you want to move from figurative to abstract art
  • you want to develop your creativity

This course is not for you if :

  • you already know the concepts mentioned above
  • you wish to acquire a miracle recipe for success in all your creations
  • you want to copy a work of art
  • you want to learn how to paint realistically (as if it were a photo)

Materials required:

  • Sheet of plain white paper
  • Torn pieces of paper
  • Palette paper (or whatever you usually use as a palette)
  • Mixed media paper: 9 x 12 inches (or sketchbook with sheets thick enough to hold paint)
  • 2 sheets of watercolor or mixed media paper, large enough to divide into 9 rectangles (I use 22 x 30 inch sheets)
  • Masking tape
  • Yellow, blue, red, white and black paint and any other colors you like
  • Brushes
  • Various objects for making marks
  • Colored pencils, graphite, watercolor pencils (what you already have)
  • 2 canvases (I’ll be using 20 x 20 inch canvases. Don’t take canvases smaller than 12 x 12 inches)
  • Photos of landscapes that inspire you
  • Cell phone or camera

Enjoy the course!

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Marks and object abstraction

Abstract landscape from photos

Zoom Meeting

Total abstraction

Bonus Capsules

Survey (course evaluation)